GGR303H: Biosphere Atmosphere Interactions. Senior undergraduate course on the exchange of energy and matter between the biosphere and atmosphere, focusing on processes underlying key feedbacks on  regional climate. Typically taught in the autumn semester.

GGR403H: Global Ecology and Biogeochemical Cycles.  Seminar course focusing on the global exchange of carbon, water and other  materials (nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, iron) between the Earth’s atmosphere,  oceans, and biosphere. Typically taught in the winter semester.

GGR101H: Ancient Civilizations and their Environments. First-year introductory course in physical geography taught from the context of                      ancient civilizations. Topics including methods and types of resource extraction,  urban  development, consequences of deforestation, natural disasters (floods,   mudslides, earthquakes) and uses of plants (medicine, infrastructure, food,   ceremonial). Development of four 1-hour tutorials on “Writing Scientifically”. No longer taught by SA Cowling.

ENV236Y: Human Interactions with the Environment. Undergraduate course on the role of the environment in shaping human behavior through time, including the impact of humans on the environment. Coverage includes river deltas and the rise of ancient civilizations, tropical monsoon climate and early Asian cultures. Course offered in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology. No longer taught by SA Cowling.


ESS2303H: Earth System Evolution. A graduate seminar course including student presentations and student-led discussions of published literature. Topics vary from year-to-year as students decide what they will be presenting to the course. Past topics include: Ocean biochemistry of the Archean Earth, Implications of the evolution of land plants for continental sedimentation and fluvial types, Acidification of oceans during past geological periods, Evolution of life on planet Earth, Formation of ozone and early atmospheric chemistry, and the formation of the Earth and the Moon. Typically course is taught in autumn semester.

GGR1214H: Global Ecology and Biogeochemical Cycles. Seminar in parallel with GGR403S. Graduate students required to prepare introductory lectures to undergraduate students. Participation is assumed and final paper is worth a greater percentage of the final grade relative to GGR403. No longer taught by SA Cowling.

GGR1200H: Core Course in Physical Geography. A newly developed course designed to diversify graduate students in physical geography and provide practical skills such a grant writing, research proposals and presentations to peers. No longer taught by SA Cowling.


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