Younglan Shin (Ph.D. student); Thesis Topic: Modeling Cretaceous atmosphere-ocean-land dynamics under paleogeographical constraints

Hiro Sato (Ph.D. student); Thesis Topic: Simulating Neogene Amazonia using earth system models of intermediate complexity (EMICs)

Beata Opalinska (MA.Sc. student);  Thesis Topic: Modelling transport of terrestrial biogenic silica: from land to oceans

Anna Phillips (M.Sc. Student); Thesis Topic: Paleoclimate proxies for South Africa: implications for the evolution of early hominids

Jessica Arteaga (M.Sc.student); Thesis Topic: uncovering biological soil crusts in the plant fossil record



Jennifer Shiller (M.Sc.; co-supervisor Sarah Finkelstein) Thesis Topic: Carbon accumulation in a temperate peatland over the past 10,000 years. Current Status: teaching

Carlos Avendano (Ph.D.);  Thesis Topic: Biogeography of Tropical Guatemala: a Paleoecological Perspective; Current Status: Associate Professor, San Pedro University of Guatemala, Guatemala City

Rebecca Snell (Ph.D.);  Thesis Topic: Incorporating seed dispersal in a dynamic global vegetation model;  Current Status: Post-doctoral Research Associate, ETF-Zurich (Switzerland)


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